World Environment day 2021

Care for Enviroment

Plastic Bottle Clean at Ggaba Beach & Audit

The World environment day 2021 is recognized for the purpose of focusing on the protection of ecosystems and the general promotion of environmental care through both national and local activities. This time round and in reference to the theme “Reimagine, Recreate, Restore” our advocacy objective was to promote and spearhead local actions that protect aquatic ecosystems. Therefore, TEENS Uganda with support from the Shelter for Settlement Alternatives (SSA) with other partners (Repair the Earth, Youth for Compassion), local Leaders organized a cleaning exercise at the shores of Lake Victoria at the Ggaba Beach landing site and the Ggaba Market. The cleanup highlighted the need to collect, sort and audit plastic waste in order to have a more focused advocacy voice leading to dialogue with polluting institutions and companies located in the target area. It was realized that beverage or bottling companies were in this case the highlighted polluters through the plastic waste for water and soda that are poorly disposed-off, carried through adjacent to drainage systems to nearby surface water bodies and wetlands. These sometimes never get the chance to be collected for recycling or reuse. Among other activities was a dialogue (online) hosted by Girls for Climate, a cycle for fun and dissemination of key messages on environment with support from the Green Champions, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGGI) Platform using online media.

Ecosystem restoration means assisting in the recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed, as well as conserving the ecosystems that are still intact. Healthier ecosystems, with richer biodiversity, yield greater benefits such as more fertile soils, bigger yields of timber and fish, and larger stores of greenhouse gases. Restoration can happen in many ways – for example through actively planting or by removing pressures so that nature can recover on its own. It is not always possible – or desirable – to return an ecosystem to its original state. We still need farmland and infrastructure on land that was once forest, for instance, and ecosystems, like societies, need to adapt to a changing climate.

Next Steps:

  • We shall announcing an ambitious restoration project or policy initiative with support from partners at local, regional or national level –and communicate well about our position towards Disaster Risk Reduction , Environmental Management and climate change .
  • We shall mobilize Volunteers for an annual restoration effort in at least one existing Ecological Heritage site.
  • Continue to mobilize communities to under Cleaning up a lake, beach, park or other natural zones
  • Spearhead a movement towards Greening our home, business, school, or a public space with indigenous trees or plants.
  • Join an ecosystem restoration and Capacity skills camp.

It is a great way to give back to the planet and make a positive impact in your local region or while travelling abroad. The camps offer a range of short to long-term volunteering programs where everyone is welcome!

Proposed Future Activities:

  1. Putting on or participating in an exhibition of posters, photos or art showing the beauty of local ecosystems
  2. Holding a discussion about the value of ecosystems and the threats they face.
  3. Staging an online campaign to draw attention to climate change, nature loss and what can be done to reverse these trends.
  4. Writing a letter to your local newspaper.


Waste collection schemes are an essential first step in any waste management process and play a key role in its overall performance. They determine the composition of waste streams and therefore their suitability for downstream pre-treatment, sorting and recovery operations. In addition, efficient schemes, approved and supported by waste owners, help solve litter issues. We appreciate the support from all our partners and call upon the support of government and development partners in upholding environment flat high for a sustainable future all citizens.

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