Women in Climate Change Conference

Theme: Recognition of role women in promotion of climate change Justice
Kampala, Uganda, Thursday, 5-9th June 2022

Despite women being disproportionately affected by climate change, they play a crucial role in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Because women possess unique knowledge and experience, particularly at the local level, their inclusion in decision-making processes is critical to effective climate action. Women have the knowledge and understanding of what is desired, needed to adapt to changing environmental conditions and generate practical and sustainable solutions. However, women are still a largely untapped resource. Women’s risks and vulnerabilities are largely evidenced in restricted land rights, lack of access to financial resources, training and technology, and limited access to political decision-making spheres often prevent them from upholding their role in tackling climate change, environmental risks/disaster. Unlocking women’s potential to take charge of their role through knowledge and capability represents an important opportunity to craft effective climate change solutions for the benefit of all.

Recognizing all the impacts of climate change on women and cognizant that if no immediate action is taken, the effects are likely the proliferate even further and the slow implementation of the 2021 National Climate Change Act in favour of women, yet it governs the national response to Climate Change.

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