Using the Cultural Aspect to depict Human Rights Violation


Culture commerce

Teens clubs engaging in activities that explore culture and creative techniques to provide services to communities

Through the Lively Arts for Social Change component of our Heritage Education Programme we have trained over 300 youth since 2011 in various performing arts. This involves learning the actual skills for different art-forms. There are many events, weddings, introduction ceremonies, which offer well-paid jobs for musicians and performing groups, and these talent development initiatives provide access to such opportunities. We have observed over the years how the music industry, in particular, has been able to absorb a lot of youth. Getting into performance arts including music is a much easier process to manage for most young people because it allows opportunity for freedom of expression, a voice to give opinion, and an earlier ways to share information not disregarding lifestyles.”

The Vijjana Generational Troupe which is a brain child of Teens Uganda performing at the Silver Springs and therefore using the Cultural Aspect to depict Human Rights Violation, promotion and sustainability based on expression for cultural and Artistic Rights conservation. This was on March 16, 2016 at the Forum of the Human Rights Center Uganda

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