Teens Uganda focusing on promoting adaptation to renewable energy technologies

PREACH is a project implemented by three (3) collaborating partner organizations including COU-TEDDO, SOCADIDO and Teens Uganda focused to promote adaptation of renewable energy technologies such as use of improved cook stoves, Biogas, Tree planting, among other energy saving technologies. This project aims to reduce the effects of Climate change along the Lake Kyoga Region under the Lake Kyoga Enviromental Protection Porgramme with support from the ICCO –Cooperation. This project is being implemented in the two sub-counties of Labori and Kadungulu in Serere District, formerly part of Soroti District to promote not only the installation and use of improved stoves, but also the application of health and energy related techniques among households using the improved stoves. The project provides energy saving tips and information about measures which can be used to avoid respiratory diseases caused by the indoor smoke as well as other complications to the users.

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