Strengthening Engagement on Water Resource Management

Water use for Food Security

The Commissioner of Water for Production Facilities at the Ministry of Water and Environment (MoWE) and sharing the existing water challenges in Uganda and the potential Solutions in relation to food Security

Water resources in Uganda constitute one of its vital resources that significantly contribute to the socio-economic development and poverty eradication. It is one of the most important assets for many households because of its significance livelihood improvement, well-being and wealth creation. The sustainability of key economic drivers of the economy such as agriculture, industry, infrastructure, tourism, energy, mining and extraction, among others. Water is thus a manageable natural resource therefore it should be governed, planned and financed for optimum and sustainably use.

Youth in Water management Planning

Member participation (Richard Hamba- C.E.O-TEENS ) and Regina Kabasomi _ FRA

The meeting by FRA and partners n 27th February, 2018 in Kampala is aimed to create space for constructive engagement in pursuit of sustainable water resource management to meet the national development trajectory.

Objective at;
i. Creating space for sharing experiences for last year and aspirations for FY 2018/19
ii. Creating space for identification of key intervention processes and spaces for
engagement on water resource issues.
iii. Developing a harmonized road-map for engagement in 2018.

The meeting therefore brings together participants including technocrats from the government, CSOs and academia, media to brain storm on how the national level platform can be strengthened to effectively for an effective engagement that aim at enhancing sustainable water resource management.

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