Regional Civil Society To Advocate For Democratic Reform Training

Requirement for Law Reforms

The Country Director of the International Republican Institute (IRI) giving her lessons on effective democratic practice comparing the experience in the Global World and Uganda in relation to Political Advocacy and Lobby campaigns.

Youth Participation

One the youth Leaders participants and an activist for HRDs reacting to the Training topics (Mr. Anthony Buwande)

Registtaion and Permits

Mr. Okello Stephen of the Ministry of Internal Affairs explaining the need for legal Documentation and the role of the Regulator (the NGO Bureau)

Civil society in the Great Lakes region is under pressure as governments are passing laws aimed at restricting their work. In Uganda, the legal framework for the functioning of civil society organizations is increasingly becoming restrictive, and yet civil society organizations provide a neutral platform for local citizens to connect and constructively engage their governments on a wide variety of issues. Both local and international CSOs now find it difficult to implement political advocacy programs, and these are the programs that build citizens awareness about their political and democratic rights, and enable them to be actively engaged citizens who can hold their leaders accountable.

Participants were trained on best practices and skills for political advocacy. CSOs from Subnational and National levels had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on the current NGO legal framework, and came up with strategies to promote political advocacy in a highly restrictive environment both at local as well as national level, while drawing on the experience of ActionAid – Uganda.

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