RUN 4 Girls: The project is an advocacy campaign that focuses on the promotion of rights of girls especially those of reproductive age to help them stay in school by addressing the educational challenges through Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM). RUN for Girls simply means “Rights Uplift Nobility for Girls”.

TEENS Clubs: These leadership clubs are initiative by TEENS in Schools to help have access to information, skills and mentorship programmes and students create opportunities to engage and volunteer in own communities. We focus on both primary and secondary schools in Kampala. Among other knowledge and technical activities, we students on WASH, smart Agricultural technologies/practices, volunteerism, personal management.

Heritage Education Programme (HEP) Clubs: HEP clubs are run coordinated by TEENS with support from Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) to engage young people in the promotion and conservation of their culture. These clubs are national in nature with participating school across regions.

Kimanye Health Vibes: This is a four (4) research project is a purely health focused projected supported by IPAS Africa Alliance targeting all women of reproductive age, professional Health workers, VHTs, youth, Government agencies in promotion of Comprehensive Health Care Service (PAC & CAC) and contraceptive use in Uganda.

Vijjana Generational Museum (VGx): This is the first youth museum in Africa (since 2015)and exists as a physical space and asset for the storage and documentation of culture affairs of youth to help them access, appreciate and conserve culture in Uganda. The museum is a work in Progress.

PREACH: The project has been implemented since 2014 by partner organizations including TEENS, CoU-TEDO and SOCADIDO in Serere District in eastern Uganda with support from the Inter-Church Cooperation organization for Development (ICCO). The project continues in Central Region to continue with the Promotion of Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change (PREACH) by TEENS training artisans (youth & women) on the installation of energy Saving Cook stoves, promotion of Solar (PV & solar lamps), training in simple energy audits and efficient building designs.