We implement activities focused on environment focusing on improving the lives of people in cities and rural communities in contribution Uganda’s Green Growth and Vision 2040. As the lead CSO for implementing SDG11# in Uganda, we implement, monitor and report on all CSO contributions to achieving the Goal through Partnerships and Networks leading to Conservation, Environmental Protection, and actions against Climate Change by focusing on sustainable Agricultural practices, Renewable energy and sustainable public transport (mobility).

The organization generates training and capacity building modules focused on improving the lives of youth and women by contributing to both their knowledge and technical skills in both formal and informal learning spaces for better livelihood through change of lifestyles based on behavioral change communication, support (women/Youth) job creation, and for full participation of the citizenry in community programmes.

The organization realized the need to empower both women and youth as organized groups to improve their mindset, influence attitude and to enable such groups access information leading to opportunities for literacy development, economic production, as well as access to finance.

We subscribe to the global call human rights protection and the promotion of universal human rights especially for human rights defenders (HDRs) inducing women, young people and PWDs. Therefore of we advocacy for training, education of especially youth HRDs, promote, monitor and promote all forms of human rights violations through agencies of government, Human Rights Center Uganda, Youth for international Human Rights ( YHIR), Human Rights Commission and agencies of the United Nations.