Participate in the Uganda Water and Environment Week (UWEWK) 12-17

Walk from Bugoma to Kampala by the Walkers Association of Uganda 

Water and Environment Week (UWEWK) was scheduled for 12th -17th March 2023. It included pre-event activities; including a Walk from Bugoma Forest to Kampala by the Walkers Association of Uganda with many other key participants  as TEENS Uganda, Climate action, Oxfam among others.

This year’s water week was framed around the theme: Water and environment for climate resilient development” and both networks work around similar actions and aimed to achieve a similar goal on water and environment.

Youth participated from different schools along the Walk route to commemorate Water week

This year UWEWK2023 was an opportunity to explore:

  • The linkage between climate resilience and economic growth in emerging challenges in management and development of water and environment resources, and the need for a systematic review of links, policy options and knowledge gaps.
  • The balance between pre-disaster and post-disaster investment needs to be examined more explicitly
  • Innovative financing to improving access to capital for medium and long-term investments in Water and Environment developments with the implementation of measures to support climate resilience infrastructure.
  • A better understanding of which tools work well for vulnerable populations and recognizing that different tools

Climate Action Uganda supported TEENS to participate in both pre-events and main event activities as; the Walk, Tree Planting, presentation of a position paper to Parliament on the state of Water resources in catchment zones in Uganda. This led to a call to action for all key persons both state and non-state to protect the exiting water resources for current and future needs.

The Walkers and Cyclists presenting a paper to MPs on Climate Change Committee, 2023

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