Open Streets Kampala 2019

Pedestrinizing Cities

Giving streets back to the people

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is currently implementing various sustainable transport programs to improve the situation of Kampala City. TEENS Uganda, KCCA and other partners as ITDP, FABIO, YLEC, AYDl, CAN-U, Makerere Univesity, IRI, Citizens Watch, Association of Public Spaces with support from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), and Transport Urban Mobility (TUMI) hosted  the implementation of the Open Streets Kampala (OSK) and City Learning Exchange (CLE) from the 20th to 27th 2019 of October 2019 in Kampala.

The CLE & development dialogues was a six (6) days of dialogue meetings, workshops, excursions hosted by the OSK team and supporting partners. Each day will highlighted a different thematic area of sustainability and green growth i.e. urban infrastructure designs, governance and policy, settlement, and technologies.

The program was crowned off by a one-day event called the Open Streets that will take place on the Sunday 26th October. The OSK aimed to bring together all calibres of people to a shared space on the streets of Kampala to create awareness on sustainable urban mobility through activities such as walking, cycling and other social and economic interaction activities.

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