National Youth Congress 2018 (25-27 July)- Kampala


Inclusive Cities and Communities

Engaging youth urban planning through genuine recommendations for to inform decision making for inclusive cities

“Accelerating the Contributions of the Youth towards the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda – Taking Small Actions for Innovative, Socially Minded and Smart Cities”

“Smart” doesn’t necessarily point to the automated, artificial intelligence of these different systems, but can simply refer to the way in which planners, architects, and city officials approach any number of ubiquitous issues. Being smart about urban design and architecture means understanding economic growth, density and zoning, and how the existing network of roads and grids can be better. It has almost everything to do with the people who live in and are moving to these cities, and what sort of cultural underpinning they represent. Those societal values are vital to determining the direction a city is heading, and how smart it ultimately becomes.

In addition a smart city is a self-aware city, filled with self-aware people who are willing to take on the conscience that comes with being sustainable. Those people understand the impending environmental and social issues facing our future, and understand that if we do not start putting a plan in place to change how we live, things could get bad and they could get bad fast…

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