Heart 2 Heart

Donation Campaign to collect old stock to support those in need.

Poverty and the effect of the COVID 19 have had far reaching negative impact on vulnerable communities and informal settlements including slums due to remote access to some key basic needs such as lack of access to adequate and nutritious food, household items as clothing, detergents, play items for children, and daily use items at household.

“Heart 2 Heart’ as a charitable campaign for the able and intending givers to get an opportunity to donate to OVCs, very poor families, destitute, girls and PWDs through in-kind items that will be collected.

What can you donate?

  • Clothing/Textiles (clothes, shoes, bags, sanitaries, etc)
  • Food items (relief food supplies, power milks, )
  • Domestics (washing soap, sanitizers, etc)
  • Scholastics (Books, reading tools,
  • children play tools/ Music equipment (games, bikes, etc)
  • Sports tools (shoes, kits, balls,

How to join the campaign?

  • Call/Whatsapp (256) 0 702675138

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