Engaging Children Road Safety Education

Safe Cities

Understanding of Children Perception or Safety in the City, children of Bat- Valley Ps. drawing the roads challnges in Kampala city.

The KAMP team dialoguing with the children to explain what they had drawn and what it means to road safety measure and development in the city

Pupils of Buganda Road PS also engaging in use of art to understand the need to be safe on the road through games and drawing.

Individuals are attracted to cities for the ease of mobility and proximity to jobs they provide, but cities of all sizes face challenges in maintaining effective, agile transportation systems. A shift in mentality can prioritize the efficient movement of people rather than vehicles, in order to equitably accommodate buses, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Among the many available policy and programmatic solutions, bike share programs are emerging as a cost effective and sustainable way to expand the portfolio of transit options. By adding another travel mode as a convenient and attractive choice, cities can provide a connected transportation system in which residents feel confident that their mobility needs can be met.

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