Since we are an education and empowerment focus organization, we advocate for an enabling policy environment (across sectors) that recognized the respects the rights of vulnerable populations especially young people, young women and people with disabilities (PWDs). The organization fully supports meaningful engagement and civic participation all for peaceful co-existence and collective development.

Our advocacy centers around areas of Human rights, community health systems, cultural conservation and the need to build youth as young empowered leaders ready to serve communities.

Community dialogue on Menstrual Hygiene Management for teenagers at Kawaala

We implement community  programmes/projects that improve access as a drive for young people and women to achieve knowledge and technical skills to ensure sustainable livelihood, decent job creation based on understand of personal management, creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.

We choose to be focus on development initiatives that complement government efforts through policy to cause sustainable community change. Our areas of excellency are in the following areas including environment education and climate change, urban farming practices, Active Mobility (Walking and Cycling), ecosystems management, and sustainable urban development/ settlement.

Most programs are highly informed by applied research, excursions and learning exchanges, demonstrations and pilots as well as dialogue directed by subject.

Renewable Energy Training in Partnership with Detra Energy & Environmental Contractors at TEENS Office