East African Youth Resource Center (EAYRC): EAYRC is both Online and Physical space created (2018) to further support the youth led and support agencies across the region (EAC) to facilitate data access, resource coordination as well as capacity programmes for and by youth. Partner organization supporting process include; TEENS, AYDL, Tibirusya Arts Academy, YLEC.

Explore the Arts: Since 2018, TEENS explore the potential of immigrants, Refugees and New-comers through the promotion of Culture and Arts to further tap into the knowledge, skills for migrants than viewing them in a perspective of At-Risk populations and burdens to host countries. We believe that migrants are resources, and do contribute to the development of their new homes. We partner with Sir Nelson International College a foundation for foreign language students from over eight (8) nations participating in the cultural and Arts learning encage program. The programme further supports the implementation of SDG11# for us to leave no-one Behind.

Open Streets Kampala: The implementation of Open Streets is an opportunity to increase the recognition of walking and cycling in transport, planning, design and infrastructure provision. This also includes opportunities to provide safe infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists and to mainstream resources for walking and cycling. Open streets also highlight the need to develop and adopt universal design standards that provide for access by all supported by the desire to improve regulation and enforcement to enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

AfCC-TV (on-line TV) : Smart cities are forward-looking, progressive and resource-efficient while providing at the same time a high quality of life. AfrCC-TV will promote social and technological innovations and link existing infrastructures. They incorporate new energy, traffic and transport concepts that go easy on the environment. Their focus is on new forms of governance and public participation. Intelligent decisions need to be taken at the strategic level if cities want to become smart. It takes more than individual projects but careful decisions on long-term implementations. Considering cities as entire systems can help them achieve their ultimate goal of becoming smart. Smart cities forcefully tackle the current global challenges, such as climate change and scarcity of resources. Their claim is also to secure their economic competitiveness and quality of life for urban populations continuously on the rise.