World Habitat Day Commemoration 2023

World Habitat Day is held on the first Monday of October and launches Urban October. The day centers around the global observance, which… more »

OXFAM Research Tool Pretest

Teens Uganda was privileged mobilize 20people for Oxfam a focused group discussion to pre-test a research tool that was made by Oxford University.… more »

Culture commerce

Using the Cultural Aspect to depict Human Rights Violation

  Through the Lively Arts for Social Change component of our Heritage Education Programme we have trained over 300 youth since 2011 in… more »

Participation in meetings about organic farming practices

Teens Uganda participated in meetings about organic farming practices for increased and health food productivity.  

Teens Uganda Show Casing Energy and Food Security Innovations

Teens Uganda show casing energy and food security innovations at the Oxfam youth meeting at Fair way hotel. Every one should climate more… more »

EBAFOSA – Uganda Chapter

What is EBAFOSA? EBAFOSA is the first every inclusive pan-African framework and platform, an institution with protocols – a constitution and rules of… more »