About Us

Uganda black and white outline map

Who we Are?: 

Training, Education and Empowerment for Neighborhood sustainability (TEENS) in Uganda is a service organization that advocates for the rights of young people in cities and communities with concerns for the environment.

Our core activities are driven by the need to deliver timely programmes for its members and partners through information sharing, hands-on training, and mentorship. We work with diverse national, regional and and Global partners to implement Sustainable Development Programmes (SDGs) that ensure that ‘Leave- No-one Behind’. With our course of actions, we lead the SDG11# high political platforms, members of the GAP-UNHabitat, EBAFOSA-UNEP (for implementation of SDG2& 7#, , members of World Assembly for Youth (WAY),

Our Purpose:

  • Building capacities of young people to advocate for own rights as listed by the African Charter for Rights and Welfare of children as well as the Universal Human Rights,
  • Implementing Creative methods to generate opinion of the public and enhance participation in designing the future of Cities in Africa,
  • Stimulate youth interest in environmental protection by implementing SDGs focusing on food security, clean Energy, sustainable transport and Cultures of different populations,
  • Offer training opportunities to youth to earn knowledge and Technical skills using formal and informal spaces to generate productive populations for the future.
  • Serve youth and youth support agencies through data sharing and Exchange to generate local networks and systems to promote genuine action for smart Cities.


To contribute to raising the level, quality of life in Cities/communities through implementation of inclusive policies at National, Regional and Global Programmes that increase access to information/services, enable knowledge exchange and exploring technical competences of all actors to promote equity.