Who we are!

TEENS is a local non-government organization serving the youth, women and marginalized population groups through advocacy programmes and implementation on projects in communities . Our organization is the leading civil society organization on implementation of SDGS 11# on sustainable cities and communities. We contribute to policies enabling inclusive participation, equity, social justice and environmental conservation through dialogues and implementation of creative methods.

Since (2006), the Training, Education and Empowerment for Neighborhood Sustainability (TEENS) supported the implementation of Several Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In (2015) we started promoting and implementing several Sustainable Development Programmes (SDG) 2, 5, 7, 11, 17# in line with youth development and TEENS is the leading CSO Core Reference Group on Agenda 2030 for SDG11# Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The organization also contributes to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) being the main forum through which CSOs can hold governments and others accountable at the global level for their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals. As a local organization, we implement both advocacy an operational programmes majorly focused on achieving Sustainable Development Programmes (SDGs) targeting women and youth in promotion of the New Agenda (2016).


“A society of youth & women with various opportunities.”


“Building a society of healthy, skilled and empowered youth & women who are able to lead change in their communities.”


Advocacy: Since we are youth focus organization, we advocate for an enabling policy environment (across sectors) that recognized the respects the rights of young people including those with disabilities (PWDs) and support all processes that facilitate inclusive participation in for planning for different development programmes through global progressive landscape and local country application.

Operations: We also promote and implement programmes/projects that derive motivations of young people, and women to achieve sustainable livelihood through multi-sectoral policy implementation, job creation, innovation, creativity, critical thinking and personal management.