Who we are!

Training, Education and Empowerment for Neighborhood Sustainability (TEENS) is a local (NGO) organization registered in 2007 (Statutory Act 1989) focused on Climate Change by educating, training and empowering communities. We are both a policy advocacy organization and implementer of community development programs.

Over the years we have grown to promote and support youth, women, PWDs, through community driven project and programmes. Our main purpose is to influence attitudes towards sustainable community aide solutions on WASH, Conservation for Culture & Ecological heritage, addressing Climate change, and taking leadership in promotion of SDG11# on sustianable cities and communities.

Each year, the organization reaches out directly to about 300 youth and about   200 in-school students in TEENS Clubs, indirectly 3000 youth through (Think Tanks & Networks).

Each year the organization offers more than 70 internships and volunteer opportunities to youth from local Universities of Makerere, Kyambogo, MUBS, Ndejje, technical tertiary institutions as the YMCA and more than 30 opportunities to regional and global interns from international universities through AIESEC.

From time to time, we the organization also offers and conducts field-based research to support government (MDAs) programs and development partners programme planning and implementation.


“A society of youth & women with various opportunities.”


“Building a society of healthy, skilled and empowered youth & women who are able to lead change in their communities.”