Who we are!

Training, Education and Empowerment for Neighborhood Sustainability (TEENS) is a local (NGO) organization registered in 2007 (Statutory Act 1989). Over the years we have grown to promote and support addressing the needs, desires and rights of youth, women, PWDs and other marginalized groups i.e. refugees in society. Our main purpose is to influence attitudes of State (policy, decision makers, planners through MDAs and non-state actors (NSA) including CSOs (NGOs,INGOs, CBOs) and media by promoting the need to focus on rights of citizens and communities to implement inclusive and to generate moment leading to achievement of implementation of sustainable Development Programmes (SDGs).


Because of its work in promoting Green Economies, strategic practice of sustainable urban development, promotion of the New Urban Agenda and the organization is the leading CSO in Uganda in the implementation of SDG11. The organization works closely with UN Habitat Assembly (GAP), UNEP on Ecosystems, MoWT & KCCA on Sustainable Transport, MoLHUD on urban Development, HRCU on Rights of HRDs, CCFU on Culture conservation and Heritage Education, CAN- U on climate Change, FRA on CAADP and ENR, Environmental Alert on ENR and IPAS Africa Alliance on Comprehensive Health care among other organizations.

Each year the organization serves and reaches out to more than 700 people through TEENS Clubs, Think Tanks, Networks/partnership Platforms, internships and volunteer opportunities. The governing body of Teens Uganda is the Executive Board and is comprised of volunteer members of the organization. The organization has two departments namely, Advocacy and operations departments.

The organization also contributes to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) being the main forum through which CSOs can hold governments and others accountable at the global level for their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals. As a local organization, we implement both advocacy an operational programmes majorly focused on achieving Sustainable Development Programmes (SDGs) targeting women and youth in promotion of the New Agenda (2016).


“A society of youth & women with various opportunities.”


“Building a society of healthy, skilled and empowered youth & women who are able to lead change in their communities.”


Advocacy: We advocate for inclusive policies (across sectors) that recognizes the rights of youth and women including People with disabilities (PWDs) as well as for migrant populations.  We support all processes that facilitate inclusive participation in planning and implementation of development programmes for global progressive landscape and local country application.


  • Advocate for inclusive planning in African Cities though implementation of Open Streets in their own towns by demonstrating the need for opening streets to the people for walk and cycle.
  • Promote co-existence with natural environment as urban wetlands, forests and other green spaces for plants and animals, enabling livelihood in an unpolluted environment,
  • Promote citizens participating in cultural and social events, leading to an equal citizen of their city with access to every service, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, income, gender or disability