4th UNCC Annual Arts & Culture Festival 2022

“Access of young people to culture as actors or users is an essential condition for their
 full participation in society. Access to culture can reinforce awareness of sharing a
common cultural heritage and promote active citizenship open to the world.
Involvement in cultural activities can allow young people to express their creative
energy and contribute to their personal development and their feeling of belonging to a

As Uganda marks her 60th Independence UNCC will host its 4th Annual Arts & Culture Festival in Kampala. This Diamond Jubilee Calls For Celebration Of Our Rich Cultural Heritage Showcasing the Dynamism Decade After Decade From Independence Till Present Day”.

Our Arts, Culture, Music, Food, Exhibition, Fashion, Parade and Tourism are what makes us unique, hence Pearl of Africa

TEENS Uganda is partner in preparation of this event through the engagement of students and youth in exhibition of Uganda’s Traditional foods/cuisines. www.uncc.co.ug.


Host: Ms. Maureen Mutonyi – +256772-648082 (Director Education – UNCC)

Ms. Mariam Naggita – +256759-790378 (Students Food Exhibition_ TEENS)

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