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Community Engagement and Action Orientation

Community Action and Engagement Community participation is the active involvement of people from communities preparing for, or reacting to, disasters. True participation means… more »

“Youth Role towards the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda - Taking action for innovative, socially minded, green cities”

Asia Urban Youth Assembly (AUYA) in conjunction with the Convention on Melaka Twin Cities 2017

Investing on all youth groups particularly those from the most marginalized communities in conflict and post conflict areas as well as those with… more »

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World Habitat Day Commemoration 2023

World Habitat Day is held on the first Monday of October and launches Urban October. The day centers around the global observance, which… more »

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5th National Heritage Awarding Ceremony,2023

CCFU hosted the 5th National Heritage Awarding Ceremony on Thursday, 25th May, 2023 during which individuals and Institutions that have made a significant… more »

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World Bicycle Day June 3, 2023

Theme: “Bicycle is not just demonstrates sustainable means of transportation but also symbolizes progress and advancement of human life.” World Bicycle Day is celebrated… more »

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THEME: Consolidating Evidence and African voices to advance a Pan African Loss and Damage Agenda at all levels Venue: Bingu Wa Mutharika International… more »

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Utilization of biomass based energy resources through appropriate technology interventions has become very important for environment conservation and sustainable rural and rural development.… more »

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Participate in the Uganda Water and Environment Week (UWEWK) 12-17

Water and Environment Week (UWEWK) was scheduled for 12th -17th March 2023. It included pre-event activities; including a Walk from Bugoma Forest to Kampala by… more »

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Recreational Cycling to Commemorate Wetlands 2023

 World Wetlands Day, celebrated annually on 2 February, aims to raise global awareness about the vital role of wetlands for people and planet.… more »

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Recreational City Cycling to Commemorate World Cities Day 2022

  Urbanization presents some of the most significant opportunities and challenges in the world today. Cities are centres for economic growth and development… more »

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High-Level Bicycle Ride in Kampala: 30th September 2022

TEENS Uganda partnered with UN-Habitat, ITDP, FABIO and KCCA in hosting the Kampala High Level Bike Ride  30 September 2022. Implementation of a cycle… more »

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4th UNCC Annual Arts & Culture Festival 2022

“Access of young people to culture as actors or users is an essential condition for their  full participation in society. Access to culture… more »